#50: Suck it up, Princess

This is your friendly reminder to suck it up.

can't even - brave gif

I don’t care if you can’t even. I don’t care if adulting is hard today and you can’t be bothered to cook. There’s nothing wrong with making yourself a bowl of gluten-free ramen (doctored with peanut butter and Sriracha so you don’t feel quite so bad).

comfort food

Your body may be rebelling in every way possible. Punishing you for a few hours cooking out and watching fireworks with friends you see far too little of.

A body that is making every movement felt as if it were created by pins and needles. A body that makes pants a deal breaker. One that can make your bed feel like home and hell at the same time.

You are not allowed to wallow. You are not allowed to let the pain win. You are the boss, boss.

bad day

You are going to get out of bed and get out of your house. Is it just a walk to the mail box? Fine. But you are not sitting inside, trapped.

Oh, it’s hard, is it? Life is hard.

It hurts? Pain demands to be felt. So feel it.

Neither is a reason to quit. Give up. Hide.

You have two feet. You have two arms. You have a heart. That work.

Dang girl, you’ve got it good.

You want to dance? This guy can dance. What’s stopping you?

noah and sharna from dancing with the stars

So, suck it up, Princess.

Take a deep breath. And take a step. Make it a balancé. En tournant. Or just a simple step.

You have things to do tomorrow and your pain is not your boss. Your body is not a prison.

Suck it up, princess, it’s time to live.

"Suck it up, princess" - Shonda Burgess