52: Fire in your skin

“Do it as if there were fire in your skin.”- Irish Proverb

Don’t do it half assed. Don’t just kind of do it.

It can be hard to really keep going – to get out of bed in the morning. To go back to work on Monday. It is easy to give up when the easy progress slows down.

I was at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference in Denver last month, and I was with a group of amazing women who embody this ideal.

all my favorite food allergy bad-ass women

Ok, so we take silly photobooth pictures…but only after two days of learning about food allergies, advances in medicine and technology and ways to be better advocates. These women write blogs, edit magazines, own bakeries and cookie companies, sell special flour blends,¬†write books and take amazing photo booth pictures.

They do it as if there were fire in their skin and I was so lucky to spend time with them and be inspired by them.

I am going to take my literal fire-like pain and make sure to keep chaneling it into things like dancing. So very much dancing.

dancing at fablogcon