43: You get a lifetime.

Sure, life is short. It can be just 5 more minutes, it can be another 50 short years, it can be 3 more incredible months. And, sure, you have big plans. Great, big, wild plans. Run away to Europe and buy a chateau plans. End world hunger plans. Make it to Friday plans. You dream of success and accolades. Or just getting through the week.

And then you look around.

You see a pile of work that has to get done for a dozen different people. You see laundry that you haven’t done in two weeks. You see an inbox full of messages that you need to reply to. You see the bills you need to pay. You see that pillbox that dictates your good times and your bad times.

Reality stings a little bit, eh?

Cookies and wine might feel like a better choice than a proper dinner. A Netflix Star Trek marathon is easier than tackling an online class. And every once in a while, we all need that. But life can’t be an endless stream of TV shows.

So how did your friend get that cushy management position? How did that pop star your age make it big? I can tell you one thing, they didn’t have more time than you did.

“You get what everyone gets – you get a lifetime.” Neil Gaiman

They probably haven’t seen Firefly 22 times. They probably don’t make time for the Daily Show every night. They spend that time practicing or learning or working to get ahead.

And don’t you tell me that they aren’t sick or in pain so of course they succeeded. Being sick just isn’t a valid excuse. Trust me. You can make it to Friday. You can start that project or write that book. There is someone out there who will find the time to live your dreams. It should be you.

We all may get a lifetime, but we only have one. Take the time each day to savor the moments you have. Relax when you need a break. And spend the time each day to live the life you dream about. (You know, the one you pin dream kitchens on Pinterest for).

I’m not wasting any of mine. And I am sure as heck going to celebrate each moment I have that I might have never had.