51: Fearless

I’m scared of a lot of things. Spiders. Moldy leftovers. Wearing pants inside out.

In reality, those things don’t matter. Cecelia can get the spiders. Takeout can be ordered if the leftovers are inedible. And who hasn’t worn their yoga pants inside out once?

I am going to be fearless where it matters. In client meetings. When I walk into my doctor’s office. When I let them stick a needle in my spine and hope for the best. When I hop on a crowded train in January.

I am going to take leaps of faith. I’m going to plan on flying. I’m going to keep on dancing.

If I stay fearless, I will be a super hero. Or at least I will have tried. I won’t have missed out because of a maybe. Or something with six legs that could use a date with my shoe.

I will fly my nerd flag. I will speak up, in which ever language makes sense. I will move forward and live. I will not be intimidated by wheat and shellfish. This cyborg will keep on keeping on. Because I choose to be fearless. I choose to take on the day. Like a boss. With super powers.