46: Friendship is born…

I designed this image to be included in the swag bags at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference where I ran the blogger help desk this year. The sentiment of this quote fits that event so well. You are in rooms filled with people who don’t think it’s weird to ask 10,000 questions before you order food. Or that you aren’t suffering because you can’t eat something. They understand your tendency to pack a suitcase full of safe food.


Conferences have brought me more friendships than I can count. A vegetarian, celiac mom feeding food-allergic kids. A celiac pastor’s wife. A gluten & dairy-free mom and expert baker. The wife of a celiac and bakery owner. The food poet. The make you laugh your ribs sore author and blogger. On paper, I don’t know that food-allergic, chronic pain-suffering web designer fits that crew. But that’s just it. We all had that moment. That moment where we saw ourselves in each other.

So very much can be said about friends and how friendships start. But I know I can pinpoint a moment of mutual recognition in almost everyone of my friendships. It might be a mutual lack of gluten in our diets. It might be cracking an incredibly nerdy joke in a crowd of strangers and hearing someone laugh. It might be that we like the same shoes. But there is something. Just a little spark that starts one of the greatest joys in life – meeting new friends.

Thanks for being weird, just like me, friends!