42: All glory comes from daring to begin

Sometimes even I need a reminder that all I have to do is start. I have to write that first sentence or push those first pixels. I have to say yes to dates lake single ladies my age do. I should apply to that drug trial. It’s time to try on those real pants.

Because those beginnings matter.

If I write that sentence, then my words can help someone bake a cake that tastes as good as one from a bakery, but without the gluten. If I push those pixels, I might just craft an interface that is beautiful and functional. If I say yes to dates I might just find someone who won’t mind dating a cyborg. If I try on those pants, for the first time in nearly 5 years, I will wear jeans that I bought because they looked good and not because I could tolerate the fabric.

And if I can start, you can start.

Starting might feel like climbing a mountain, but once you’ve begun, you’re really like a marble rolling down a hill. Slowly at first and gathering momentum as you go. You edge your way closer and closer to your goal. Closer to winning. Closer to glory.

All because you dared to begin.