despite the pain, ballet sets me free

Cyborg Ballet

5 (Breathe in.) 6 (Breathe the arms.) 7 (Arms to first.) 8 (Left hand on the bar) So it begins. Slowly at first. Rolling through to demi-pointe. Warming up our feet. Some tendus. Pliés. Up to relevé and bring that foot to passé. Shit. I can’t hold it. I just did that last week. I know I can balance …

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in my dance bag

My dance bag

From the moment I decided that I wanted to dance again, I have been devouring as much dance related content as I can fit in. (Seriously, it has even taken over my Ravelry favorites list in the form of leg warmer knitting patterns…) I found a few blogs that I’ve been reading regularly (I’m so …

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2015's resolution - "kiss a lover, dance a measure, find your name and buried treasure. Face your life, its pain its pleasure.

Do it up right.

There is such weight placed on the first words of a new year. They are supposed to be profound observations and wishes of ourselves and our world. Optimistic words resolutely marching into being. Wisdom gained from the past year’s trials and hope evolved from the year’s joy and celebrations. Dang. That’s a whole lot of pressure. Particularly …

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