despite the pain, ballet sets me free

Cyborg Ballet

5 (Breathe in.) 6 (Breathe the arms.) 7 (Arms to first.) 8 (Left hand on the bar) So it begins. Slowly at first. Rolling through to demi-pointe. Warming up our feet. Some tendus. Pliés. Up to relevé and bring that foot to passé. Shit. I can’t hold it. I just did that last week. I know I can balance …

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in my dance bag

My dance bag

From the moment I decided that I wanted to dance again, I have been devouring as much dance related content as I can fit in. (Seriously, it has even taken over my Ravelry favorites list in the form of leg warmer knitting patterns…) I found a few blogs that I’ve been reading regularly (I’m so …

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